Friday, March 5, 2010

Clark Howard calls out "Monopoly Public School System"

Since I first heard the Clark Howard show years ago, I really liked it. He has a great sense of humor, great advice, and overall a great show. Also, he is from Atlanta, a place that I fondly called "home" awhile back, and is a champion of "Habitat for Humanity," which I believe is an excellent charity, and I have enjoyed the times I have helped them. So, it seems we have a personal connection there.

Typically, Clark stays politically non-partisan. It is a very pragmatic stance - focus on what you can control (your finances) and not what you can not control (government). But, this week he took a real stab at a story involving a teacher calling in police, and having them remove a student from the classroom for not following the teachers dictates.

I really recommend Clark's show. I also really agree with the point he made here. Teachers should not be in the business of ordering the arrest of students. Yet one more reason to homeschool or put your children in private school. Yet another example of JRA - Javert Run Amok.