Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calling Harvey Hilderbran to resign

I think "Hairbrained" Hilderbran needs to be held accountable for his abuses of power and position. As part of this I sent an email to him, as well as a letter to the local newspaper of his district that closely followed the letter I sent to him. I encourage you to send your own.

The Kerrville Daily Times Letter to the Editor


Representative Hilderbran:

I am calling on you to resign. You have tried to use the apparatus of the State to persecute an unpopular religion. This clearly violates the "Establishment of Religion" clause in the constitution. You have also engaged in religious persecution, using a religious slur in the public media. This form of hate speech is indefensible. Finally, you have abandoned your long-standing political principles of property rights and personal liberty in an attempt at political popularity, showing a huge defect in your character. Resign so that you may remove the beam in your own eye, and spare the 53rd district from a bigot and demagogue.


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