Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Great Articles

There are so many great articles and bloggers out there. Here are a few more.

Governor Perry Stays the Course by Modern Pharisee
Did you honestly think he would do the right thing? No. He's a bureaucrat and a politician. Public opinion has not yet swung sufficiently for Governor Perry to abandon his constituency, that would be, by the way, his bureaucracy.
Mental Health Chair Goes to Rick Perry & Legislators on FLDS mistreatment by Free the FLDS Children
John Knight is determined to get the word out that Child Protective Services in Texas is out of control.
Child Theft, "Concentration Camps": It's Happening Here by ProLiberate
What made it so "scary"?
Well, according to Voss, "I heard a report that a tank was coming on the property.... It was a situation of a very huge magnitude with so many law enforcement officers around."
FLDS woman in custody though certificate shows otherwise by KXAN-Austin News
Jessop's family said they believe CPS has been holding her, so the state could have custody of the son she gave birth to on Monday. ... Yet the Jessops showed the certificate to CPS two weeks ago at their first hearing in Austin.
Abuse of FLDS Children in Texas by Day of Praise
Religious persecution is alive and well in the Republic of Texas. ... How long will America just look away as this abuse of power intensifies and expands???
Abuse of Power in Texas by Joseph Farah on
Question: What's worse for children than to have parents who are members of a polygamy cult?
Answer: To have the state be their parent.

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