Monday, May 19, 2008

What are you doing that could be called child abuse?

How can facts be twisted? What common activities sound like child abuse? Here are some things that I do that government agencies could likely construe as reasons to take away my children:

  • I endanger my children's life through illegal behavior. Sound like abuse? Reality – I exceed the speed limit.
  • My home has evidence of extensive criminal behavior. Sound like a bad environment? Reality – I have downloaded youtube music videos with copyrighted music.
  • I have encouraged my children to participate in criminal activities. Sound like I am a terrible parent? Reality – We sing “Happy Birthday to you,” a copyrighted song, without paying royalties.
  • I kick and punch my children, and yell at them. Can't get much worse than that, can you? Reality – As you may be able to tell from my blogger name and other blog, my children and I do karate together.
  • My children have to endure forced child labor. Sound like a third world dictator? Reality – I actually make my children clean their room, work in the yard, take out the recycling, and do the laundry.
Are you guilty of these same things, or similar things? I hope so. We need to change laws to protect good parenting.

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