Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Amigos, Accountability for Flora Jessop, and the Suffering of Children

First, from a truly sad tale of a boy who, while being held captive by the Texas CPS, lost his father. Such suffering in children is the direct result of abusing the rights of parents. It is a clear indication that government has far overstepped it's bounds.

Second, there are some interesting results coming out of the Warren Jeffs trial. One is that Flora Jessop is being forced to give a deposition without publicity. The judge clearly takes into account the apparent compulsive desire of Flora to obtain publicity without counting the cost to others in her crusade of self-promotion.

A second part of the depositions in the Jeffs trial comes courtesy of the excellent "I perceive" blog by Kurt Schulzke. He points out that, contrary to the predictions of various posters and bloggers, Texas law enforcement will have to give depositions as well. Little by little, Texas is being held accountable for some of their abuses. It is an encouraging start. The photo below, courtesy of the article, seems quite appropriate.

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