Thursday, December 11, 2008

Utah State Legislature to hold hearing investigating whether Shurtleff acted improperly in not arresting Dan Fischer

There is sworn evidence that Dan Fischer committed child abuse, child abandonment, theft, and lied under oath. Further, Fischer himself confirmed that he was abusive in newspaper reports. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has said he will prosecute crimes related to polygamy. However, Shurtleff has let Fischer off the hook, despite sworn evidence that Fischer has committed felonies.

Normally, this would be considered lax enforcement, at the evidence was presented to a congressional panel. However, Shurtleff has political connections with Fischer. Remember how Shurtleff admitted that inappropriate underage drinking went on at Fischer's "lost boy" parties, but excused the violation? How much has Fischer directly or indirectly contributed to Shurtleff's campaigns? What are the connections between lack of enforcement and political support?

This is clearly a matter for the Utah State Legislature to investigate. I would encourage all citizens of Utah to write your legislator, and call both Shurtleff and Fishcer to account for their deeds. Also, those of you in Salt Lake need to organize a protest around his dental practice. Signs like "Dan Fischer is a child molester," "Dan Fischer steals from his own children," and "Dan Fischer is a fraudster" would be appropriate and accurate. Fischer has done the crime, now he needs to do the time.

I have also thought the FBI should be investigating whether there is political favoritism by the Utah State attorney general's office in prosecuting FLDS but not anti-FLDS figures. Why was Jeffs convicted on flimsey charges, but not Fischer on solid, sworn evidence?

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