Saturday, January 17, 2009

Canadian Fundamentalists - Primary Sources

In any scholarship, it is always desirable to consult primary sources. For far too long the mass media has only considered one side of the story. When is the last time Oprah interviewed a current FLDS member with the same level of sympathy with which she treated various anti-FLDS bigots and profiteers? Politically powerful people with bully pulpits have use the mass media to spread their propaganda without having to face any opposition to their ideas.

Fortunately, that has changed somewhat recently. While the Canadian politicians have had their say, and the canadian newspapers have largely followed the party line, we our fortunate in having the other side. Here is the rest of story, courtesy of Winston Blackmore.

It seems that too many times only having one side of the story perverts justice, denying protection of family rights to the politically incorrect. Sensationalization and lack of balance in reporting creates an environment which endangers parent and family rights.

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