Saturday, January 31, 2009

FLDS speaking out, Family planning in China

Here is an article dealing with the One Child Policy in China. Ironically, the policy reversed an earlier policy in which the Chinese government encouraged large families, at least according to a native Chinese that I used to carpool with. My carpool associate also pointed out that ethnic minorities could have more than 1 child. However, it all begs the question, why should government be interfering in family life? Obviously, it should not.

A new book on the FLDS is coming out, and it is by an FLDS member, Betty Jessop. It has already provided an interesting counterpoint to a book written by her mother - Carolyn Jessop. In a CNN interview discussing the two, Carolyn has already contradicted statements in her book. How accurate is the book when the author confirms contrary evidence? FLDSView also provides some comments from the authors sister, Maggie Jessop. Will Oprah give the new book the same red-carpet treatment she has given anti-FLDS books? Will the other promoters of sensationalism give equal time? Will the main stream media even recognize that Carolyn is confirming her own testimony to be false? Unfortunately, objectivity and fact checking seem to be missing ingredients to most main stream FLDS coverage.

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