Thursday, April 24, 2008

Email to the Dave Ramsey show

Dave Ramsey is a well-known financial counselor with a radio show, and also is unapologetically Evangelical. His main mission is helping people get out of debt.

In an effort to stop the widespread intolerance and misinformation I observed in the media, I wrote Dave an email pointing out that while the FLDS lived the principles he claimed to support, most Christians do not live them, getting into significant debt. Citizens are much more likely to have their children unfairly confiscated when they are demonized in the media.

Dear Dave Ramsey:

After reading "The Total Money Makeover" I stopped taking out student loans, and worked extra jobs to help support my wife and two sons. Through the Grace of God and a tight budget, I am on track to graduate with a PhD this August, and shout "we're debt free" soon after.

One interesting fact from the recent raid on the cultist compound in Eldorado Texas is that the cult members lived debt-free, with their main community having over 90% of homes mortgage-free. Perhaps this question is rhetorical, but if poorly educated cultists with limited opportunities are "debt free," why are so many well educated Christians with unlimited opportunities "broke?"
God Bless,


Link to mortgage data:
I use the word "cult" here to mimic typical Evangelical language, as well as other stylistic elements to both mimic Evangelicals and listeners to the Dave Ramsey show. I believe parents have constitutional rights -- regardless of religious membership, or unproven allegations.

I also emailed NPR. Though I seem to have deleted that email, it thanked them for trying to cover both sides, and asking what would happen if 400 Black, Latino, or Jewish children were forcibly separated from their parents.

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lonnie said...

Dave Ramsey is one of these guys that does not like people that are not of Christian belief. He never wishes anyone Happy Hanuka but always Merry Christmas. Once a guy called about his daughters Bat Mitzvah[Jewish Ritual]. Dave did answer the mans questions . I will give him that . Dave was all businesslike. None of his personality or joking. He just could not wait until the call ended and did not even wish the guy a celebratory time like I have heard him for others getting married or having a baby for example.