Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emails to Texas ACLU

Before the Texas ACLU entered the fray, I wrote to them, encouraging them to take a stand. Hopefully, many people also wrote them, and that may be part of the reason they are now involved in the case.

Texas ACLU:

I am truly appalled at the abuse of civil and religious liberties that took place at the recent raid on the YFZ ranch. It is a much bigger and more systematic discrimination than that faced by Muslims after 9/11. Yet, I have read nothing of the ACLU assisting the victims. Perhaps you are already addressing the situation, and I have overlooked it. But if not, you surely must step in and help these people. There is simply no bigger abuse of government power right now than this situation.

Texas ACLU:

I am once again writing to implore you to protect the rights of the parents in Eldorado, Texas. This is the biggest violation of civil liberties since Waco. This type of action has a huge chilling effect on public discourse and free association. The effective emotional waterboarding of the children and parents is a huge abuse of power. This case deserves immediate attention and emergency action.


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