Monday, July 21, 2008

Another letter on the Senate Hearings

I sent similar letters to both my senators, my representative, the state Attorney General, Governor Napalitano, Obama, and President Bush. Please reach out to your legislators with letters. Feel free to use my letter as a base.

Senator Reid has called for a hearing on the FLDS that seems to be nothing more than federally funded hate speech. Reid has included only anti-FLDS bigots that are proven liars and profiteers of sensationalism. No pro-FLDS individual has been called to testify, reminiscent of Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

Meanwhile, the Texas raid has proven that the FLDS have much lower rates of welfare, underage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and rape than the general U. S. population. Senator Reid should either grant equal time at the hearings, or be forced to resign for using taxpayer money to promote religious persecution. As president of the Senate, please compel Senator Reid to include equal time for the FLDS at the hearings, and personally attend the hearings to insure that the FLDS are fairly represented.
I have written, and will write again. My representatives, the president, and the vice president can not say "we haven't been asked."

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