Monday, July 14, 2008

Letter to Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard

On the Arizona Attorney General site, there is a link for the civil rights division: . There is also a link to a civil rights complaint form. I wrote the following letter to the Civil Rights division. I would encourage polygamists in Arizona to file a civil rights complaint form, demanding that Goddard stop his hate speech.

I would like to report hate speech. The Attorney General himself, Terry Goddard, has engaged in hate speech toward the FLDS. Not only has he participated in exagerrated claims of lawlessness and abuse, but he has granted the bully pulpit to others that have used it to promote outright lies and advertise their books. Such behavior is truly reprehensible.

It has been reported that Mr. Goddard has been invited as a witness to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the purported crimes of the FLDS in the coming weeks. However, it is also reported that not a single representative of the FLDS has been called to testify, though a number of proven slanderers and profiteers will testify. The current makeup of this hearing amounts to nothing more than federally sanctioned hate speech. Mr. Goddard would not be representing Arizona, or defending the constitution by attending. As a citizen of Arizona, I demand that he recuse himself from attending, or recuse himself from being attorney general. His continued religious persecution should not be allowed to continue.

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